What To Wear


Before considering anything else, make sure your clothes fit properly, and that you are dressed for the weather and location. Its hard to look happy if you are freezing.


Limit patterns to one persons outfit, and then choose solid colors for everyone else based on that pattern. If one person wears stripes, another wears polka dots, and another wears floral...it's going to be very noisy and distracting.


Kids are easier to dress for photos. They can get away with bolder colors and styles. Just make sure the clothes are comfy and non-fussy, and fit well.

Avoid baggy clothes, logos, etc.


Try to avoid neon or overly bright colors, shirts with logos, ballhats, or sunglasses. All of these things will be where the eye immediately is drawn to, rather than to the people in the photos.


As a general rule, subdued, muted tones like pastels, work best in most situations. Basics like grey, white, etc also work well. A pop of color on ONE person can really make a picture stand out.

When choosing an outfit, try and make your top and bottoms both light colors, or both dark colors.


Avoid putting everyone in the same color shirt. If 6 people are all wearing white shirts, it's going look like one white blob with 6 heads. Decide on cool tones or warm tones, and then choose colors that compliment each other. Also avoid matching the location (eg. dark green in a forest)


You may think no one is going to see those white socks, but guess what...we do! Dark shoes and dark socks are always in style.


Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and good. If you have a neon purple prom dress that makes you feel amazing, wear it. There is no replacement for a glowing smile and happy eyes.

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